SalesBook online service

it is a place where sellers and buyers of Ukraine meet to conclude an agreement on mutually beneficial terms. Buyers can choose the best supplier for a one-time supply or a long-term partnership, sellers can profitably and quickly sell a batch of goods or conclude a long-term (framework) contract for the constant supply of their products. The B2В platform Salesbook provides all the necessary e-commerce functionality for purchases and direct online sales of goods, works, and services. Tender mechanisms are designed to provide equal opportunities to all, both large and small enterprises, existing and new participants, to guarantee the security of commercial information and the compliance of selection procedures in accordance with the established criteria of the tender organizer (tender customer). The system of electronic auctions ensures the speed and impartiality of the selection from among the auction participants. As a result, the person who is really interested and able to fulfill all the necessary conditions receives the supply contract, and the buyer will receive the purchased goods at the best price.

Our goal

creation of effective trade relations between buyers and sellers of goods, works and services. To do this, Salesbook combined the options of a trading and advertising online platform for sales/purchases in Ukraine, and also provided for the means and methods of productive business communication between system participants: uniting participants in communities and business circles, sending messages and closed information exchange within its community, opportunities for trade procedures and much more.


an actively developing business network, each member of which contributes to increasing the value of their business and the entire network as a whole. Participants of the ecosystem easily find each other and interact with each other, using all the necessary functionality for trading goods, services and works, as well as for the purpose of exchanging information.

For which circle of users is SALESBOOK intended

For any business regardless of its size and industry profile. For companies that want to profitably buy or sell goods, services, works. For companies that want to have an additional sales channel or receive additional benefits for the purpose of purchasing.

Opportunities for Customers:

  • a single environment for purchases and sales;
  • search for partners according to business needs and industry specialization;
  • access to potential buyers taking into account category segmentation, the best offers on the market;
  • savings in the company's purchasing budget;
  • minimization of time spent on searching for suppliers, organizing bidding procedures, reducing expenses on sales, marketing, and advertising functions.

Opportunities for Suppliers:

  • access to the entire base of trade procedures of commercial customers-leaders in their fields;
  • intelligent selection of tenders and other trade procedures;
  • automated notification of auctions;
  • statistics and analytics of participation in tenders;
  • increase in own sales, opening of new market niches;
  • saving time for searching for customers, reducing costs for advertising and marketing.
Functionality of SalesBook is developed and improved according to market needs, modern ways of doing business and advanced technologies