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Commercial tenders of Ukraine on the Salesbook website. A procurement tender is simple and fast: creating, conducting, and searching for tenders.


If you are selling your products (or services) and looking for a good buyer, participation in the tender will help not only to conclude a deal, but also to build a long-term relationship. Taking part in the tender is not difficult - it only takes a couple of minutes to find a buyer you are interested in and make him a commercial offer. On the Salesbook tender procurement portal, large and small suppliers can find buyers for any goods, services or works:

  • tenders for the construction of Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, tenders for construction works and materials in other regional centers of Ukraine;
  • tenders for the transportation of passengers or goods, provision of transport and forwarding services;
  • purchases for the needs of agro-industrial enterprises: veterinary drugs, fodder, fertilizers, seeds, plant protection products, agricultural machinery for harvesting, sowing, tillage, and spare parts for it;
  • for the supply of products, spices and food additives; packaging, refrigerating, trade equipment for food production;
  • tenders for legal services, design work, advertising, printing, organization and holding of events, production of furniture and other products and structures, and much more.

The geography of bidding on the site is wide and includes tenders placed by enterprises of the West, Center and East of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities. All these are open tenders of private commercial companies and holdings for the purchase of goods or services for business and the needs of own production. To search for tenders, the site has a convenient filtering system: you can search for a suitable tender online by auction organizers (individual buyer or group of companies), by region, by classifier (CPV code of the unified procurement dictionary of Ukraine) and other parameters. After registering on the site, information about new open tenders in your industry will be sent to your email address. You can also create your own business circles, marking the buyers you are interested in and regularly receiving information about their posting of purchase plans and the start of bidding.


Any tender involves a competitive struggle between suppliers to provide optimal conditions for the buyer to sell their goods or services (it is not necessarily the minimum selling price, often a set of delivery parameters is necessary, for example, the speed and cost of transportation are taken into account). Therefore, a procurement tender with one bidder (with one tender offer) cannot take place. Such a situation for the buyer is a signal that the requirements for suppliers exceed their market capabilities. Or the buyer can make a decision to enter into a direct contract with this single supplier that submitted an offer, if this is allowed by the internal system of controlling the business processes of his company's purchasing business processes - since there are no legal restrictions on conducting commercial purchases in Ukraine, and the available offer fully meets the request of the buyer. In order to maximize the satisfaction of buyers' requests for supplier competition, the Salesbook tender site accepts applications for participation in tenders free of charge. To become a bidder, a supplier only needs to register on the portal and submit an application. A large base of suppliers will provide you with the most competitive - i.e., favorable conditions for the purchase of products, works or services.


Creating tenders has now become very simple. It is enough to be a registered member of the network (and you can still register absolutely free). It is only necessary to click the button "create a tender" on the Main page, and you will get to a convenient interface for creating tenders. By filling out the form step by step and following the information in the prompts, you will easily register your tender in accordance with all the rules of procurement procedures. Then it remains only to monitor the acceptance of offers and the progress of the auction. And you will choose the winner in the appointed time! Convenient, right?


Electronic tenders are held in 2 rounds: first, tender offers are accepted, then an electronic auction is held among participants. Buyers can set qualification requirements for participants/sellers: the presence of a suitable material and technical base, a warehouse in a certain region, etc. All requirements that participants must meet and the algorithm for determining the winner (calculation formula, if the calculation mechanism based on the quoted price is used) are specified by the buyer in the tender documentation, which is published when the tender is placed on the trading platform. The calculation based on the quoted price/value is used when it is necessary to take into account non-price (non-cost) criteria and delivery conditions. The electronic platform ensures automatic informing of bidders about all procedures and decisions during their implementation.

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